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ANNOUNCEMENT: Winners of the 2021 the Write To End Violence Against Women Awards

Celebrating winners in the 2021 the Write To End Violence Against Women Public Recognition Awards

The 2021 WEVAW Public Recognition Awards represent the writing that challenge myths and misconceptions about violence against women and bring new perspectives on issues relating to gender inequality in Scotland.

Looking through the nominations this year we were taken aback by the quality and variety of submissions. The public nominated pieces featured in local and national newspapers, as well as blogs published on websites of charity organisations and grassroots groups.

Shortlisted articles included articles published by: STV News, BBC News, Bella Caledonia, Scottish Women’s Aid, That Guy Campaign, Press and Journal, Frontline Feminists Scotland, Vice, The National, The Ferret, The Scotsman, The Conversation, Herald Scotland, Labourist, The Courier and The Sunday Post.

The Write to End Violence Against Women Awards are held during the 16 Day of Action on Violence Against Women and have been an annual event since 2013.

Here is a full list of the 2021 Write To End Violence Against Women Public Recognition Awards (in alphabetical order):

graphic of the Write awards

Alan Caton

Prostitution in Scotland: Why do perpetrators of what is a form of violence against women enjoy impunity?

20 October 2021

The Scotsman

Shruti Jain

Lockdown raising risk to BAME women’s safety and wellbeing

28th February 2021


Caitlin Logan

Tory MSP asked 11 questions on abortion in a month

22 December 2020

The Ferret

Iris Pase

Why do women need to die before we listen?

13th March 2021

Bella Caledonia

Karen Roberts

Demand for domestic abuse support soared after pandemic snatched away victims’ hopes of freedom

16 June 2021

Press and Journal

Marion Scott & Craig McDonald

No more: Women demand action as 7,000 domestic violence cases languish in court limbo

3 October 2021

Sunday Post

Kirsty Strickland

It’s hard not to think of women affected by ‘rape clause’ when reading about misuse of taxpayer cash

26 July 2021

The Courier

Alex Watson

I’ve finally done my womanly duty and fallen in line

July 9, 2021

Press and Journal


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