Lucy Miller wins award for 'Best article - Student and Young Person'

Over the next week we will be publishing information about all of our Write to End Violence Against Women award winners. You can find the full list here or read Annie McLaughlin’s article for the Sunday Herald here.

Lucy Miller wrote about last year's Reclaim the night in Glasgow in her award winning article for the 'Student and Young Person' category. Read her full piece on the Glasgow Guardian here.

In her coverage of last year’s Reclaim the Night march at the University of Glasgow, Lucy wrote:

“What was humbling to see were little girls marching alongside their mothers in order to raise awareness for this extremely worthwhile cause. But these little girls should not need to grow up in a society that sees approximately three cases of rape being reported daily in Scotland, and that’s only those which are reported. Too many women, young girls and men feel shame and humiliation in going forward to the police with their story. According to ThinkScotland, only ten percent of rape victims will report the assault to the authorities, and of those reported, only one in thirty rapists will be prosecuted.”

The judges described Lucy’s article as “uplifting” and said that it “shows women taking control of a difficult issue.”

Lucy said after accepting the award: “I think that writing is important in all aspects of impacting culture, as well as violence against women it can be used to eradicate [other inequalities] such as racism and homophobia. Writing can reach everyone; reading is something that all people can engage in.”

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