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Our vision, values and aims

Our vision

Our vision is of a world without men’s violence against women (VAW); in which women enjoy full gender equality and our human rights are upheld.

Women need to be able to take power and have an equal share of our nation’s wealth. Men need to concede some of their money and power. We are not asking men to be nice; we are demanding full social, economic and political equality.

Our core belief is that men’s VAW is preventable; and should not be tolerated.

Our values

We demonstrate:

  • Feminism: a feminist approach underpins all of our work, our relations with others and with each other; so we always challenge men’s behaviour and shine the spotlight on over-arching systems of power and privilege that subordinate women and entitle men.
  • Leadership: we identify and challenge new under-reported and more accepted and tolerated forms of VAW.
  • Integrity: all of our policies and practice are based on a gendered analysis and an understanding of VAW as a continuum; we have a genuine commitment to ending VAW; we are honest and fair in our dealings with others.

Our work is:

  • Grounded in women’s experience and robust research; we promote practical, realistic solutions.
  • Inclusive of people from all backgrounds; we aim to work with and for diverse groups including women experiencing multiple forms of oppression
  • Innovative: we research, test and promote new methods of challenging social tolerance of VAW
  • Preventative: we seek to prevent VAW from happening, not just to propose solutions to dealing with the aftermath.

Our aims

  1. We will lead campaigning in Scotland to end all forms of VAW through raising public and political awareness of its cause; and promoting action on prevention.
  2. We will work to ensure key sectors/professionals have opportunities to develop their roles and build their skills, understanding and knowledge in preventing VAW.
  3. We will foster collaborations, through campaigning, networking and information sharing, which will promote gender justice.
  4. We will be sustainable as an organisation until our vision is accomplished. 




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