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DVD: I’ll Fly Away

Developed with a drama group with young people about the issues of domestic abuse and how it affects children and young people.

Effective Peer Education: Working with children and young people on sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS

A comprehensive guide to peer education on sexual health and HIV/Aids. Includes useful tools for considering whether peer education is right for your project.

EHRC Gender and Pay Gap survey Reporting 2009


Eliminating Female genital mutilation An interagency statement

This statement documents evidence collected over the past decade about FGM. It summarises research on why it continues, how to stop it, and its damaging effects on the health of women girls and newborn babies.  

Employee policies


Erotic Justice: Law and the New Politics of Postcolonialism

The essays in Erotic Justice address the ways in which law has been implicated in contemporary debates dealing with sexuality, culture and 'different' subjects - including women, sexual minorities, Muslims and the transnational migrant. In particular Kapur critiques the way in which the notion of 'victimhood' has been used as the basis of campaigns to end violence against women.

Eurobarometre Domestic Violence Against Women Report

An E.C. survey measuring how domestic violence against women is perceived in European public opinion. 26, 800 respondents from all E.C. countries answered questions on their awareness of domestic abuse, their opinions on it's seriousness, and laws on domestic abuse. The results are broken down by country, and there is a factsheet available for each nation. Full report and factsheets

Evaluation of Swedish Law on Prostitution

On 1 January 1999, Sweden became the first country in the world to introduce legislation criminalising the purchase, but not the sale, of sexual services. This report, which has an English summary, evaluates the application of the ban on the purchase of sexual services and the effects that prohibition has had. The researchers have investigated how the provision has worked in practice and what effects the ban has had on the prevalence of prostitution and human trafficking for sexual purposes in Sweden.

Evaluation of Teacher's Perceptions of Raising the Issue of Domestic Abuse in South Ayrshire Schools


Evaluation of the Zero Tolerance “Respect” Pilot Project by the Scottish Executive




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