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Discussing Violence Against Women: A training resource

A Roundtable Discussion on the issue of Violence Against Women in Scotland

Documentory: Abandon the Knife

A short documentary produced by The Guardian and Christian Aid shows how two young women, Nancy and Gertrude living in rural Kenya, defy custom in refusing female circumcision and, in their fight, push for social change and women's emancipation.

Domestic Abuse 2008/09: Post-Campaign Evaluation Report by the Scottish Government


Domestic Abuse and Gender Inequality: An overview of the current debate

Domestic abuse is a global phenomenon which adversely affects individuals who experience it and creates social and financial burdens for the societies in which it occurs. While abuse can be perpetrated by women against male partners and occurs in same sex relationships, domestic abuse is overwhelmingly perpetrated by men against female partners. As a result, the United Nations has identified domestic abuse as a form of gender based violence that is predominantly experienced by women and perpetrated by men (United Nations, 1992).

Domestic Abuse and Violence Against Women Training - good practice guidance


Domestic Abuse, Housing and Homelessness in Scotland: an evidence review

There has been little research on the relationship between domestic abuse, housing and homelessness, especially in the Scottish context.  This review provides some secondary analysis of relevant homelessness and housing statistics to provide a more in-depth overview of the scale of domestic abuse as a contributory factor to homelessness in Scotland.

Domestic Abuse: raising the issue in secondary schools


Domestic Violence and Children - Good Practice Guidelines


Drug Problems and Street Sex Markets: Solutions and Strategies

A guide for practitioners, police and local authorities on issues around prostitution and drug use. Provides an overview of the issues, criminal and civil powers, support required and good practice.

DVD and resource guide: Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes




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