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Can Porn Set Us Free?

Can Porn Set Us Free? Questions leftist and libertarian approaches to pornography as a freedom of speech issue, arguing that it is the interests of consumer capitalism, rather than societal freedom, that are served by the characterisation of pornography as a 'playful' form of sexual expression and an unwillingness to confront the proliferation of violent and dehumanising sexual imagery.

Challenging Men's Demand for Prostitution in Scotland

A research report based on interviews with 110 men who bought women in prostitution. The questions were designed to advance knowledge of buyers' perceptions of women generally, and attitudes towards prostituted women in particular.

Challenging Violence, Changing Lives

The 'Challenging violence, changing lives' programme aims to raise awareness and transform attitudes to stop violence against women.   It comprises of:

Child Grooming and Sexual Exploitation: A National Discussion

A report highlighting the topical discussion held in the Glasgow earlier this year, hosted by roshni. The report highlights the issues and offers a series of recommendations as presented by the attendees. For further information please contact roshni. (October 2012)

Child Contact Proceedings for Children Affected by Domestic Abuse

This briefing paper provides an overview of preliminary research work carried out for Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People. The Commissioner identified the issue of safe contact as particularly important to children and young people who have experienced domestic abuse. The purpose of this research was to provide the Commissioner with information about current practices and procedures in Scottish child contact proceedings for children affected by domestic abuse, from a children’s rights perspective. Three types of proceedings are considered:

Child Grooming and Sexual Exploitation: A National Discussion

‘As part of our ongoing battle to safeguard children, we at roshni held the first major conference in Scotland on the issue of Child Grooming and Sexual Exploitation.  The feedback from over a hundred service providers and public officials who attended this event has directly informed this report. This report is intended to inform debate and suggest recommendations to ensure that Scotland is the safest place for children and young people to grow and develop.  We want a safe Scotland, safe for all’.  - Ali Khan, Chairman

Children and young people experiencing domestic abuse: a survey of support services in West Dunbartonshire


Children and Young People Experiencing Domestic Abuse: A Survey of Support Services in West Dunbartonshire,


Children as Researchers

This report describes the findings of a short research project commissioned under the Scottish Executive Education Department's Sponsored Research Programme and conducted by Dr Julie Brownlie of the University of Stirling and Rachel Ormston and Simon Anderson of the Scottish Centre for Social Research.

Children's Needs, Coping Strategies and Understanding of Women Abuse




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