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Boys Think Girls are Toys?: An evaluation of the nia project prevention programme on sexual exploitation

This report presents the findings from an evaluation of a prevention programme on sexual exploitation, delivered by the nia project in partnership with the Children’s Society (TCS). Report recommendations:

Breaking the Chain of Domestic Abuse - North East Edinburgh Education sector worker's knowledge, awareness and understanding of domestic abuse - an exploratory study


Bridging the Gap: gender-responsive budgeting and CEDAW compliance in the country reporting process

Bridging the Gap: Gender-Responsive Budgeting and CEDAW Compliance in the Country Reporting Process A paper analysing evidence of the use of a gender-responsive budgeting approach in the country reporting process, examining the extent to which gender-responsive budgeting can strengthen the monitoring of compliance with CEDAW.

Building Prevention: Sexual Violence, Youth and Drinking

Research exploring connections between sexual violence and drinking among young people; reviews evidence based programmes and profiles Ottawa-based prevention programmes for focus group discussion. The objective of this project is to stimulate discussion among young people, youth workers, service providers, educators, and health care providers and  to work collaboratively toward developing effective strategies for reducing sexual   violence in the context of alcohol use.

Bwise2 Sexual Exploitation

The material in this preventative education programme is based on the real-life experiences of children and young people who have been supported by a specialist Barnardo's service.  

Bye Buy Childhood: A report into the commercialisation of childhood

A Report into the commercialisation of childhood.

Call + Response

DIRECTOR: Justin Dillon DATE OF RELEASE: 2008 COUNTRY: USA LANGUAGE: English RUNNING TIME: 86 mins KEY THEMES/ ISSUES: Human trafficking, sexual slavery

Call to end violence against women and girls

HM Government Strategic Vision on Violence Against Women, 2010

Campaign Strategy


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