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Young People, Media and Personal Relationships

  This report is based on a research project entitled 'Young People, Media and Personal Relationships', which was conducted by the authors between June 2001 and July 2003. The project was funded by the Advertising Standards Authority, the British Board of Film Classification, the BBC, the Broadcasting Standards Commission and the Independent Television Commission.    

Young people’s attitudes about violence

Men's violence against women is a global social problem and an enduring human rights issue. Feminist research and activism has maintained that to challenge and prevent men's violence against women, changing attitudes and behaviour are key. This briefing outlines a project that examined the views of Scottish 11 and 12 year olds about violence. It is written by Nancy Lombard based on her PhD research.

Young people’s attitudes towards gendered violence.


Young people’s attitudes towards violence, sex and relationships: a survey and focus group study.

This research explores young people’s attitudes and the possibility of a young peoples anti violence campaign and suggests a range of resources. Burton, S. Kitzinger, J, Kelly, L. Regan L. Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit, University of North London. Media Research Unit Sociology Department, University of Glasgow.

Young People’s Temporal and Spatial Accounts of Gendered Violence

This article is based on qualitative research that took place with 89 11- and 12-year-olds in Glasgow to find out their understandings of men’s violence against women. The research found that young people’s position within childhood directly impacts on how they conceive of, construct and understand violence. These positions within childhood are constituted and experienced differently. Therefore, young people’s understandings of men’s violence need to be theorised within a framework that illuminates the gendered, temporal and spatial elements of their accounts.

Youth Project

Central Scotland Rape Crisis carries out awareness raising talks with 5th and 6th year pupils and has an ongoing project with younger pupils in high schools throughout Forth Valley. The project encourages young people to understand their right to live without fear, without intimidation and without the threat of violence of any kind. It also encourages the young to speak out and to speak to one other to ensure the young people of the future are more able to live a safe, happy and fulfilled life.

Zero Tolerance original poster campaign

Since 1992, Zero Tolerance has created a range of campaigns on the prevalence of violence against women; the excuses men use to justify their use of violence; the lack of justice for women and children; and the need for respect, for yourself, others and difference. Although none of these campaigns is actively running at present, the posters are still available and widely used to educate and inform about violence and abuse. The messages remain as relevant now as they were when the campaigns were launched:   There is never an excuse  


The shocking story of an alienated 14-year-old girl who, along with her boyfriend, becomes addicted to heroin and involved in prostitution to support their habit in the German metropolis of Berlin. DIRECTOR: Uli Edel DATE OF RELEASE: 1981 COUNTRY: West Germany LANGUAGE: German RATING: Unrated in the UK KEY THEMES/ISSUES: Prostitution, drug use, chilhood sexual abuse  

‘GUYS! STOP DOING IT!’ Young Women’s Adoption and Rejection of Safety Advice when Socializing in Bars, Pubs and Clubs

Concern about the increase in alcohol consumption amongst young women, drink spiking and drugassisted sexual assault have culminated in a renewed focus on safety advice for young women.

‘Just the Women’

November 2012 - Four women’s groups published a report on media sexism, raising concerns about coverage of violence against women by the mainstream press. The joint report by Eaves, End Violence Against Women coalition, OBJECT and Equality Now, sampled 11 national newspapers over a two week period in September 2012, looking at examples of sexist and sexualised reporting.



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