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West Lothian Female Genital Mutilation Protocol

Accessible and concise document which outlines the WHO's efforts to eliminate FGM through advocacy, research and guidance.
What the Audience Wants

What the Audience Wants

This study was undertaken by Zero Tolerance as part of a research project on the representation of violence against women in the media.

Who Makes The News?

A mapping of the representation of women and men in news media worldwide. Provides information on gender representation as news subjects and reporters, with breakdowns by type of content and medium.

Whose Child Now? Fifteen years of working to prevent the sexual exploitation of children in the UK

A report on the work of Barnardos to prevent the sexual explotation of children. Includes statistics on the current situation, case histories, details of Barnardos prevention work and work with survivors, and recommendations to local authorities.

With All Due Respect - The Role of Schools in Promoting Respect and Caring for Self and Others


Women in Afghanistan: 10 years on

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXHWeexexII Short video testimonial on the situation of women in Afghanistan 10 years after the Taliban was ousted (2001).

Women's mapping project and evaluation of the Women's Night Centre

A project which aims to improve the strategic capacity of the Bristol Supporting People (SP) programme for meeting the gender specific housing support needs of vulnerable women, benefiting current and future women clients.  This research will also be of benefit to providers of SP services for women (both mixed and women only provision) commissioners and wider stakeholders.  Central to the research process is listening to the voices of women service users, practitioners, and key stakeholders.

Women's Resource Centre: Power and Prejudice

WRC’s comprehensive new report, ‘Power and Prejudice’, identifies the barriers facing women’s organisations in creating change on a local level, examines what tools can be used to support local engagement and offers clear, practical solutions to both public bodies and women’s organisations to improve engagement and services for women locally.

Working with Women Experiencing Domestic Abuse who have no recourse to Public Funds (NRPF).

Guidance and operational procedures on Working with Women Experiencing Domestic Abuse who have no recourse to Public Funds.

Young People and Sex Sterotyping




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