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Violence as a Cause or Consequence of HIV for Women in England

There are estimated to be 91,500 people living with HIV in the UK, of which nearly one third are women, and the vast majority live in England. Ensuring good health is not the only challenge for these women; they frequently face issues of gender inequality that may manifest as physical, sexual or emotional abuse.

Violence is Preventable (VIP) Tweenees programme research

Publication papers written as a result of the University of Dundee’s research into child abuse prevention programmes including the VIP Tweenees programme. Visit the VIP websites for futher information this research and 2 pilot projects conducted in the West Bank and Gaza.

Violence is Preventable project

The VIP (Violence is Preventable) project, run by 18 and Under, produces a range of resources to tackle violence and abuse and encourage disclosures. Wee VIP is for children aged 2-7; Tweenees is for 6-13s; and Teen VIP for 12-18s. Some resources are available in Kurdish and Arabic, and some have been adapted for people who are visually or hearing impaired or have learning difficulties.

Violence Reduction Unit Poster Campaign

A national approach to tackling violence across Scotland.

Violent fathering and the risks to children

Current family policy approaches emphasise the significance of paternal involvement in children's lives, yet there has been a silence on violent and abusive fathering in these discourses. This is the first UK book to specifically focus on violent fathering discussing original research in the context of domestic violence and emerging practice literature to address this problem.The book examines fathers' perceptions of their domestic violence and its impact on children, their relationships with children and their parenting practices.

Virtual Knowledge Centre to End Violence Against Women and Girls


Wake up to Rape

Research aimed at identifying people's attitudes towards rape and sexual assualt, in order to identify the emotional barriers to reporting. The report also challenges some of the steroetypes around rape.

We Are Man - End Violence Against Women

We Are Men The viral We Are Men has been developed to challenge young men's attitudes to sexual violence.

We Thought They Didn’t See: Cedar in Scotland - Children and Mothers Experiencing Domestic Abuse Recovery evaluation report and executive summary

Cedar (Children Experiencing Domestic Abuse Recovery) in Scotland is a psycho-educational, multi-agency initiative for children and young people who have behavioural, emotional and social difficulties as a consequence of their experience of domestic abuse. Cedar provided a therapeutic 12-week group work programme for children and young people in recovery from domestic abuse, alongside a concurrent group work programme for their mothers.

West Dunbartonshire Domestic Abuse Education Pack




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