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DIRECTOR: Lukas Moodysson NOTABLE APPEARANCES: Oksana Akinshina DATE OF RELEASE: 2007 COUNTRY: Germany/USA LANGUAGE: English RUNNING TIME: 119 mins RATING: 18 KEY THEMES/ ISSUES: Sexual slavery, prostitution, human trafficking

Training packages


Trust Your Instinct campaign

These two short films are part to the Trust Your Instincts Campaign, intended to encourage the early identification of stalking behaviour.TRUST YOUR INSTINCT from Orchid Films on Vimeo.

UK Feminista Summer School 2010 Presentations


Under Pressure: Preventing Teen Abuse and Exploitation

The report on our Under Pressure training pilot, Under Pressure: Preventing Teen Abuse and Exploitation, found that youth workers across Scotland are seriously concerned about the prevalence of teen abuse in Scotland. Our original Under Pressure training was piloted across six local authorities in 2011 in partnership with YWCA Scotland.

Under Pressure: Youth worker responses to gendered abuse and exploitation

This follow-up report to ‘Under Pressure: Preventing Teen Abuse and Exploitation’ looks at the challenges faced by professionals working with young people on these issues, and how they can be overcome. 

Understanding and Tackling Domestic Abuse in North Ayrshire


Understanding Men: Gender Sociology and the New International Research on Masculinities

Clark Lecture, Department of Sociology, University of Kansas, 19 September 2000 R.W.Connell, University of Sydney 1. Introduction: debates about men and boys

UNIFEM - Making a Difference

UNIFEM’s "Making a Difference" is a toolkit for planning strategic communications to raise awareness about and combat gender-based violence based on knowledge learned by women and men working against VAW all over the world. The toolkit gives step-by-step information on developing a media campaign.

Unlocking Sexual Abuse and Learning Difficulties

A guide for family carers and support staff on supporting adults with learning difficulties who have been sexually abused. Simple, clear information on the sexual abuse of people with learning difficulties, including the law on abuse, signs to look out for, dealing with a disclosure and accessing support.



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