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Baldy Bane Productions: Cyberspyder

The Baldy Bane Theatre Company has completed touring primary schools with one of the productions resulting from the 'Why Create A Drama' project, overseen by the National Children and Young Person's Network. The National Children and Young Person's Network identified the need for new drama productions for schools. The Scottish government granted funding to commission two performances for schools across Scotland. The resulting play, Cyberspyder, deals with the issues of cyber bullying and the paedophile grooming of children via the internet.

Baldy Bane Productions: To Have and To Hold

This live theatre production by Baldy Bane, also available as a DVD, is a play about respect in relationships and domestic abuse. The play is on offer to S4-S6 school pupils and women's groups. The perfomance is followed by a workshop/discussion with the audience, which aims to enhance the understanding of, and attitude towards, mutual tolerance, respect for others and high self-esteem. The issues highlighted include the use and abuse of power in many forms - physical, financial, psychological, emotional and sexual.

Banners & dragons. The complete guide to creative campaigning


Barriers to the Provision and Use of Domestic Abuse Services in Rural Scotland

Domestic abuse survivors and service providers in both urban and rural areas confront a multitude of barriers in both the use and provision of services. Domestic abuse service provision in Scotland is acclaimed both within the UK and internationally. Nevertheless very little research has been conducted in Scotland into the barriers to service provision and use faced by rural survivors and service providers. Past research from Australia, Canada and the USA illustrates that distinguished barriers to service provision and use exist in rural areas.

Being Outside - Constructing a Response to Street Prostitution

A 2004 report of the Expert Group on Prostitution in Scotland with recommendations on Scottish Government Policy. Includes findings on the experiences and backgrounds of women in street prostitution and reviews of policy in other countries, with a focus on reducing harm to women and communities.

Beyond stereotypes: Rebuilding the foundation of beauty beliefs

Dove Beyond Stereotypes An authoritative foundation for change in the ways in which girls and women think and talk about beauty and body image.
The goal of this study, and associated programs launched upon its completion, is to help more women - especially young girls overcome and challenge harmful stereotypes and genuinely embrace healthy, authentic and positive ways of being beautiful.  

Black and White

DIRECTOR: Kirsty MacDonald DATE OF RELEASE: 2006 RUNNING TIME: 17 mins COUNTRY: New Zeland LANGUAGE: English
KEY THEMES/ISSUES: Intersexuality  

Born into Brothels: Calcutta's Red Light Kids

DIRECTOR: Zana Briski, Ross Kauffman DATE OF RELEASE: 2005 COUNTRY: India LANGUAGE: English, Bengali, English subtitles RUNNING TIME: 85 mins RATING: 15   KEY THEMES/ ISSUES: Child prostitution, sexual slavery, human trafficking, chidhood sexual abuse    

Boys and Girls Speak Out: A Qualitative Study of Children’s Gender and Sexual Cultures (age 10-12)

This report by Cardiff University, with support and funding from the NSPCC, looks at how younger children perceive gender, sexual identity and relationships. Researchers interviewed 125 children, aged 10-12 years, living in Wales. Discussion focused on five key areas: the sexualisation of culture, body cultures, relationship cultures, equalities and change.  

Boys Think Girls Are Toys?: An Evaluation of the Nia Project Prevention Programme on Sexual Exploitation

This report presents the findings from an evaluation of a prevention programme on sexual exploitation, delivered by  the nia project in partnership with the Children’s Society (TCS).  The programme was delivered across London from September 2007 to December 2010, with three broad aims:



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