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Sexy Inc. Our Children Under Influence


Shadow Report for the CEDAW Committe on New Zealand from Coalition Against Trafficking in Women NZ

Report arguing that the legalisation of prostitution in New Zealand is a 'failed social experiment' that contravenes New Zealand's responsibilities under CEDAW.

Silence is Not Always Golden - Tackling Domestic Violence


Sleeping with the Enemy

DIRECTOR: Joseph Ruben BASED ON THE BOOK BY: Nancy Price NOTEABLE APPEARANCES: Julia Roberts DATE OF RELEASE: 1991 COUNTRY: USA LANGUAGE: English RATING: 15 KEY THEMES/ ISSUES: Domestic abuse, stalking, sexual assault Laura and Martin are rich, successful and to the outside world appear to be living the perfect life.

Social Research: Crime and Justice - Impact of Aspects of the Law of Evidence in Sexual Offence Trials: An Evaluation Study


Sounds Familiar?

The Fawcett Society has published new analysis which reveals disturbingly high levels of hostility towards women.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSCzahFXMrs DIRECTOR: Jessica Sharzer BASED ON THE NOVEL BY: Laurie Halse Anderson NOTABLE APPEARANCES: Kristen Stewart DATE OF RELEASE: 2004 COUNTRY: USA LANGUAGE: English RATING: PG
KEY THEMES/ ISSUES: Rape, sexual assualt, bullying

Spend now save later: The case for gender budget analysis in VAW spending

A briefing outlining the economic case for VAW services at a time when funding is severely under threat. Commissioned by Rape Crisis Scotland and Scottish Women's Aid.

Spiralling DVD and toolkit

'Spiralling' is an education toolkit and film for use as a resource to help prevent domestic abuse in the next generation, by carrying out activities with and for children and young people of all ages. It includes a short film about a young couple's abusive relationship, and an extensive toolkit of resources and activities to do with young people.

Stella Project Response to Home Office 2010 Drug Strategy Consultation Paper

Response of Ava'a Stella Project to paper on women experiencing both problematic substance abuse and domestic and/or sexual violence.



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