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Prevention DVD for schools


Profitable Exploits: Lap Dancing in the UK

By providing a recent history of lapdancing (covering approximately 1999-2004) this report tracks the changes in perception of lapdancing in the UK and in doing so aims to challenge mainstream ideas about lapdancing as harmless 'adult entertainment' and highlight it as part of the sex industry. It argues that lapdancing is exploitative and a 'far cry' from the glamourisation accorded to it in recent years.

Project Evaluation 'Why Create a Drama?' project

  Strathclyde University Education Faculty has written a project evaluation including a mapping exercise of prevention work in local authorities and a resource pack for schools.

Promising Practice in School-Related Gender-Based Violence (SRGBV) Prevention and Response Programming Globally

School related gender based violence (SRGBV) has become highlighted as an important arena for prevention and intervention in the education sector but there is little collected intelligence to date on best practice. Concern Worldwide along with other INGOs has developed programmes incorporating prevention and response interventions to address SRGBV.

Promoting Gender Equality to Prevent Violence Against Women

A review of work from around the world to prevent VAW through promoting gender equality, including school-based, community and media interventions.

Promoting Prevention, Targeting Teens: An Emerging Agenda to Reduce Domestic Violence


Prostitution - Fact or Fiction?


Prostitution Harms Women Even if Indoors

The article describes the social invisibility of indoor prostitution, the lack of evidence suggesting that indoor prostiution is 'safe', and summarises testimony of women who reported violence in strip club prostitution and warnings about violence from groups promoting indoor prostitution.

Prostitution in Nine Countries: An Update on Violence and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

A report based on interviews with 854 people currently or recently in prostitution in nine countries. Examines levels and types of violence experienced as well as prevalance of post traumatic stress disorder and chronic health problems. Includes a discussion of some of the myths surrounding sex work.

Providing anoymity to those accused of rape: an assessment of evidence

A report drawing on previous evidence reviews and research studies to present a summary of evidence.The report resulted in the final withdrawing of a coalition government proposal to grant anonymity to rape defendents. Key areas considered include:

the legal position on anonymity in criminal cases; reporting and investigating rape
false allegations
securing a conviction
offending histories
the impact of media coverage



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