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Picking up the pieces: domestic violence and child contact

In 1997 Rights of Women published a research report Contact between children and violent fathers: in whose best interests? (Anderson, 1997). Our findings then indicated that mothers in child contact proceedings felt that their views about the risks to themselves and their children of contact with violent fathers were marginalised by professionals in the family justice system.

Pimps and the Management of Sex Work

A police research report examining pimping and other forms of sex-work management, based on interviews with pimps, sex workers and police officers. The report considers: different methods of pimping use of violence and coercion differences in on and off-street sex-work management gender differences the role of pimps in drawing people in to sex work reasons for low conviction rates of pimps appropriate police response

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Pleasure vs. Profit

Pleasure vs. Profit is a set of resources challenging porn culture and providing the facts about the industry behind the images. Find out how sexualisation and pornography affect young people in Scotland, and what you can do about it.

Porn - the reality behind the fantasy

A short, accessible booklet addressing some of the myths about pornography.

Pornography and Objectification: Re-reading "the picture that divided Britain".

Pornography and Objectification: Re-reading "the picture that divided Britain".pdf In this article, Feona Attwood examines the significance of the terms “objectification” and “pornography” and to ask how useful these are for analyses of contemporary sexual representations.

Pornography's Impact on Marriage and the Family

Hearing on Pornography's Impact on Marriage and the Family.pdf In-depth U.S. review of studies on the effects on internet pornography, covering marital relations, attitudes to rape, debt, and children and young people. Although highly conservative in approach (e.g. the explicit assumption that heterosexual marriage is the best arena for sexual expression) does contain some useful data and references.

Pray Back the Devil to Hell


Preventing Domestic Abuse - A National Strategy

This is the Scottish Executive's national strategy for the prevention of domestic abuse. Following from the National Strategy to Address Domestic Abuse in Scotland 2000, this strategy sets out responsibilities and aims for local authorities, police forces, health boards, and voluntary organisations.

Preventing Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Against Women

A manual aiming to provide information for policy-makers and planners to develop programmes for preventing intimate partner violence and sexual violence against women. Advocating a public health approach, the report includes an analysis of risk factors and different prevention strategies. DOWNLOAD [PDF 1002 KB]



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