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Incest, Child Sexual Abuse and Sexual Exploitation

Women's Support Project 2010 The resources listed here are recommended resources that include books for survivors and their family and friends, for children to read or hear and books for those working with children and families where sexual abuse is an issue. Also included are books on theory, practice and research that may be useful to students and researchers.  

Inquiry into Human Trafficking in Scotland

Inquiry into the nature, extent and causes of human trafficking for the purpose of identifying areas of policy, legislation and regulation which need to be address. The report findings are accompanied with recommendations designed to tackle the identified issues. Download [PDF] 811 KB  

International experience of early intervention for children, young people and their families

This report aims to identify examples of good international practice of early intervention for the consideration of UK policy makers.  

JOINING UP THE DOTS: Why urgent action is needed to tackle the sexualisation of women and girls in the media and popular culture

This Report calls on the Government to take tough action to address the growing sexualisation of women in the media and popular culture. Joining up the dots' draws together existing research as well as new evidence that women and girls are increasingly sexualised, stereotyped and objectified in the media and popular culture. The report finds that:

Just Like a Child: Challenging gender stereotyping in the early years.

This guide is aimed at childcare professionals who work with very young children in nurseries/educational settings. The information it contains is also helpful for parents and carers. It gives some policy context for tackling gender stereotyping within early years work; explains some common terminology (see glossary); and provides ideas and examples for work in nurseries, primary schools and other early years settings along with details of resources, contacts and further reading.

Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising's Images of Women

Killing Us Softy 4 - Watch on youtube A five-minute look at women's representation in advertising and the connections with gender-based violence. Essentially a trailer for the full-length film, can be used as a clear and accessible introduction to the issues with some good visual examples.

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Ladybird, Ladybird

NOTEABLE APPEARANCES: Ray Winstone DATE OF RELEASE: 1994 RUNNING TIME: 101 mins COUNTRY: UK LANGUAGE: English RATING: 18 KEY THEMES/ ISSUES: Domestic abuse, social services.   Ken Loach directs this harrowing story about Maggie, a woman whose four children are taken into care following a violent relationship.

Lap Dancing FAQs

http://www.object.org.uk/faqs Created as part of Object's 2009 campaign to have lap-dancing clubs reclassified as sex establishments rather than entertainment venues, this resource answers some of the common questions levied at those who believe lap dancing exploits women.

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