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Honour Based Violence BSL resource

Honour Based Violence British Sign Language video giving information about honour based violence in Scotland and how to get help.  

Hope in Heaven

DIRECTOR: Meredith Ralston NOTEABLE APPEARANCES: Kiefer Sutherland (narrator) DATE OF RELEASE: 2005 COUNTRY: Canada LANGUAGE: English KEY THEMES/ ISSUES: Child prostitution, prostitution, trafficking, childhood sexual abuse

How Fair is Britain?

An EHRC summary of available data showing how far Britain matches up to equality standards. Includes information on violence against women and highlights low levels of rape conviction as a significant barrier to equality.

How to set up a feminist group

Guide to setting up a local feminist group, from recruitment to communication, roles and meetings.

How to Win Campaigns: 100 steps to success


Human Rights Education Resource

A pack consisting of activities themed around six topics including Domestic Violence, Rape and Campaigns to Stop Gender Violence. Includes fact-sheets, information sheets, and a range of activities. Can be used in conjunction with the DVD 'Real Love', four short films on violence against women.

Human Trafficking in Scotland

Drawing on a range of sources, this report examines the nature and extent of human trafficking in Scotland, as well as the challenges for policing and victim care. Presents findings on the number and gender of victims, country of origin, victim type (i.e. forced sex work or other labour) and links with other forms of organised crime.

Human Trafficking: Making the links

This paper aims to provide an introduction to human trafficking for the purpose of Commercial Sexual Exploitation. It is aimed at all individuals both professional and community based who wish to develop an understanding of human trafficking for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation. The paper aims to highlight the links between human trafficking and prostitution and places human trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation within the context of Violence Against Women and as an abuse of human rights.

I'm Sorry Anna Nicole

American activist and poet Jonathan Walton delivers a poem on women, men and pornography. Watch it on youtube here: I'm Sorry Anna Nicole

Inappropriate Behaviour: Adult venues and licensing in London

This is a lengthy and detailed report (109 pages) which investigates lapdancing and its licensing process in London. Among other things, it usefully contains: reputable facts and figures, quotations from lapdancers, an extensive list of references and useful appendices including a template letter to send to your MP to object to a lapdancing venue opening in your area. It also contains examples of codes of conduct used by lapdancing venues.



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