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Final Evaluation of ‘This Is Not an Invitation to Rape Me’ Campaign


Finding the Costs of Freedom: How women and children rebuild their lives after domestic violence

Executive Summary Whilst crisis interventions for women and children experiencing domestic violence are well developed, little is known about the process of rebuilding lives, including what longer term support needs might be. Women’s organisations have lacked the resources to follow up service users. The Research Grants Programme run by the Big Lottery provided an exciting opportunity to do just that.

Five Daughters (TV)

DIRECTOR: Stephen Butchard NOTABLE APPEARANCES: Sarah Lancashire, Jaime Winstone, Juliet Aubrey DATE OF RELEASE: 25th-27th April 2010 CHANNEL BROADCAST: BBC One COUNTRY: UK LANGUAGE: English KEY THEMES/ ISSUES: Prostitution, murder Episode 1 Air date: 25 April 2010

For Organisations Working with Women in Prostitution - A Good Practice Guide


Forced Marriage: You have the Right to Choose

Awairness Raising DVD produced by the Forced Marriage Unit.

Freedom to achieve – preventing violence, promoting equality

This research explored the whole school approach to ending violence against women and girls. The report documents how each school developed different ideas to work to challenge gender stereotypes, end sexual bullying and prevent violence against women and girls. Read the report Freedom to achive - preventing violence, promoting equality.

From Pornography to Porno to Porn: How Porn became the Norm

How Porn Became the Norm Article on the growth and effects of the pornography industry, changing attitudes towards it and the creep of 'pornification' into everyday life.

From Rights to Action: Using International rights and mechanisms on violence against women in the UK

Published as part of the Rights of Women toolkit, this new handbook is a practical introduction to the international human rights law, policies, and mechanisms relevant to combating violence against women. It seeks to shed light on the law around human rights and empower organisations working to promote women's rights to apply human rights to their work in order to influence law, policy and practice on violence against women, thus promising to be a vital resource for NGOs working to support women affected by violence in the UK.  

Gender Agenda for Scotland - Completing the Revolution: The Leading Indicators


Gender and ‘Welfare Reform’ In Scotland: A joint position paper

Engender, Close the Gap, Scottish Women’s Aid, Scottish Women’s Convention, Zero Tolerance, and Scottish Refugee Council work across a broad range of issues towards women’s equality. We work on women’s political equality, women’s economic equality, on enabling women to speak to government, on violence against women, and with refugee and asylum-seeking women. Over the last year, in all of the varied contexts in which we work, there has been steadily increasing alarm at the impact of the UK government’s welfare reform programme on women in Scotland.



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