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A Coordinated Prostitution Strategy and a summary of responses to Paying the Price

Outline of the 2006 strategy on prostitution for England and Wales, including responses to the 2004 consultation.

A Critical Examination of Responses to Prostitution in Four Countries: Victoria, Australia; Ireland, the Netherlands, and Sweden

A report which analyses the history of prostitution legislation, barriers to discussions and debate, what we know about the sex industry and conclusions that can be drawn.

A Different World is Possible: A call for long-term and targeted action to prevent violence against women and girls

This report aims to address attitudes and positions that are often normalised and even 'held dear' within all of our communities and within our societies generally. We ground our recommendations in Carol Hagemann-White's innovative model of perpetration which represents the most comprehensive review of evidence to date on the root causes, including individual life experiences and choices, of violence and abuse.

A Guide for Healthcare Staff in NHS Lothian: Domestic Abuse Toolkit

This guide is aimed mainly at all healthcare staff in NHS Lothian but may be useful for other disciplines.

A Hidden Trade - Child Trafficking Research in Scotland 2005/6


A Literature Review on Violence Against Women

This is a review of research on the prevalence and impact of violence against women, and on interventions. The author emphasises gaps and the lack of evaluative research in the field. The underlying theme is how different aspects within violence against women link together and how this fits in the wider context on gender inequality within society. This report was commissioned by the National Group on Violence Against Women in Scotland to inform the development of the Executive's agenda on violence against women.

A Picture of Abuse

A Picture of Abuse The UK national centre for child protection publish new report on child abuse image possession offenders and the direct risk they pose to children.  

A Review of the Literature on Sex Workers and Social Exclusion

This paper was commissioned for the Inclusion Health programme and is one of a series of reports from the programme examining health and exclusion.

A Synthesis of Learning from the Stop Violence Against Women Campaign 2004–10 by Amnesty International


Action Against Abuse pack 2006

The Action Against Abuse pack contains a range of resources to challenge attitudes of apathy or acceptance of violence within relationships. There are 17 lessons which can be 'dipped into' to suit the needs of each particular school and their existing PSE curriculum, including Difficult Feelings, Conflict, Power, Gender, Violence and What is Domestic Abuse? The materials are suitable for young people from S1 to S6.  



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