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What else can I do?

Inspired to do more? Here are some ideas.

  • Organise a fundraiser - you could run a ceilidh, a pub quiz, a comedy night, a gig, or a bake-sale at your school or sports club - anything that you are interested in can be turned into an event that will raise valuable funds for our projects. If you have an idea please contact us to talk it through; we can also send you information to display, and publicise your event on the website.
  • Get sponsored. From running a 10k to giving up chocolate for a month or climbing every Munro, there are many different ways to challenge yourself and support us at the same time. Please get in touch if you have an idea.

There are also many powerful, everyday ways that you can challenge sexism and promote a culture of equality and non-violence. Here are some suggestions of what you can do today:

  • Don’t make sexist jokes, or jokes about violence against women such as rape. If friends or aqcuaintances do, ask them why they think they are funny, and if they’ve thought about how upsetting they might be to others.
  • Talk about pornography, lap-dancing and prostitution as harmful to women, not sexy or fun. Opt out of work or stag visits to lap dancing clubs, or suggest alternatives.
  • If a particular act of violence comes up in conversation – a news story or something that happened to an aquaintance – be supportive of the woman, and make it clear that the only person to blame for the act is the perpetrator. Challenge the idea that a woman’s dress, behaviour or lifestyle can be a cause of violence.
  • Don’t buy films, magazines or music, or support television programs, which objectify women or glamorise violence towards them.
  • Complain to your local newspaper if it publishes stories which sensationalise violence against women, or put blame on victims of violence.
  • Teach your children about equality, non-violence and respectful relationships. Encourage older children to question sexist and violent images, films and song lyrics.
  • Ask for violence against women prevention to be taught in your children’s school – tell them about our Respect Education Resource.
  • Question your own attitudes and assumptions about women and men, and the victims and perpetrators of violence.
  • Learn more about the connections between gender inequality and violence against women. The Violence Against Women Prevention Network has an extensive resource library and our links page will take you to other organisations of interest.





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