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Violent fathering and the risks to children

Current family policy approaches emphasise the significance of paternal involvement in children's lives, yet there has been a silence on violent and abusive fathering in these discourses. This is the first UK book to specifically focus on violent fathering discussing original research in the context of domestic violence and emerging practice literature to address this problem.The book examines fathers' perceptions of their domestic violence and its impact on children, their relationships with children and their parenting practices. It will be of interest to academics and professionals in family and child welfare policy, socio-legal studies, social work, criminology and other disciplines with an interest in domestic violence and child protection.

This book is available via the publisher's website.

"Lynne Harne gives a stark insight to the risks for children's well-being from domestically violent fathers. Based on violent fathers' own accounts the book raises essential questions about the inappropriate and unsafe parenting practices engaged in by these men."

Professor Marianne Hester, Chair in Gender, Violence & International Policy, School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol

"This book provides a convincing critique of the pro-contact bias in family law giving new insights into violent fathers' views about children. It is a valuable resource for students and practitioners of family law, child protection and criminal justice."

Lorraine Radford, Head of Research, NSPCC




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