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Sounds Familiar?

The Fawcett Society has published new analysis which reveals disturbingly high levels of hostility towards women. These findings help to explain why misogyny is so widespread, why violence against women and girls remains commonplace, and why the gender pay gap remains so hard to close.

The survey asked: “if a woman goes out late at night, wearing a short skirt, gets drunk and is then the victim of a sexual assault, is she totally or partly to blame?” Fawcett’s analysis reveals:

38% of all men and 34% of all women said that she is totally or partly to blame
41% of men aged 18-24 and 30% of women the same age agree
14% of men aged 18-34 say she is “totally to blame”

Women aged over 65 were more likely to blame her, with 55% saying she is totally (5%) or partly (50%) to blame compared to 48% of men the same age.

The findings are published in the Fawcett Society’s new report, Sounds Familiar which brings together qualitative data from interviews and focus groups with young women and includes a new analysis of major national survey data of over 8,000 people carried out by Survation.

Download the report here




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