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Second class citizens…second class women

This project explored the very specific ways that transsexual women experience gender inequality and sexual exploitation. Of particular interest was the way that that the sexism they experienced and their increased vulnerability to gender based violence was compounded by transphobia. The research comprised interviews with four people who identified as women with a transgender identity or history.

All identified as transsexual women and were aged between 38 and 65. Participants were recruited through snowball sampling, by advertising the research through LGBT and trans groups, and through services that work with transgender service users and individuals involved in prostitution. The option of face-to-face interviews, phone interviews and online interviews were offered to participants, but all took place in person. All of the names within the study were self-chosen pseudonyms. Any personal details that could identify individuals were removed to ensure the anonymity of the women who took part. Throughout the research there were difficulties in recruiting participants, due to various reasons, including the sensitive nature of the research and the levels of marginalisation felt by many trans people, resulting in a small number of people who felt able to take part.

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