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Project Evaluation 'Why Create a Drama?' project


Strathclyde University Education Faculty has written a project evaluation including a mapping exercise of prevention work in local authorities and a resource pack for schools.

The impetus for the Pilot Project ‘Why Create a Drama?’ came from the National Children and Young People’s Prevention Network (NCYPPN, the Network) which brings together professionals to implement the Scottish Executive’s Preventing Domestic Abuse – A National Strategy and the Scottish Government’s National Domestic AbuseDelivery Plan for Children and Young People.

The Network commissioned Baldy Bane to create two performances derived from participatory workshops with primary and secondary pupils across several local authorities in Scotland as a resource for use in Scottish schools. This evaluation of ‘Why Create a Drama?’ was carried out by researchers from the Faculty of Education, University of Strathclyde. It gives an account of development of the pilot Project evaluating it in terms of its aims and objectives.

Eight local authorities were involved in the Project which was named ‘Why Create a Drama?', primary and secondary schools hosted drama workshops which were run by Baldy Bane, and a script was created from the workshop materials. Four Women's Aid groups brought children and young people who have been affected by domestic abuse to a one-off workshop. The completed plays then toured to the schools who participated as well as other schools across the eight local authority areas. The evaluation team travelled with Baldy Bane throughout the process and looked at the impact of the workshops as well as the performances and asked teachers and members of senior management in schools their opinion of the process and how it had been received by pupils.

The primary school play is calledGold Stars and Dragon Marks', and addresses the main issues of bullying and domestic abuse while looking at home life, friendships and behaviour in school.

The secondary school play is called "Crush" and includes gender stereotypes, media influences on young people and abuse in teen personal relationships.

Both performances are followed by participative workshops which allow the audience to further examine the issues raised including an opportunity to question the actors in character.

  • The primary and secondry school resource packs are now available.
  • The project Evalution and Baseline Study are available
  • Baldy Bane are planning a tour in October 2010 and are keen to hear from local authorities who would like to bring the performances in.


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