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Profitable Exploits: Lap Dancing in the UK

By providing a recent history of lapdancing (covering approximately 1999-2004) this report tracks the changes in perception of lapdancing in the UK and in doing so aims to challenge mainstream ideas about lapdancing as harmless 'adult entertainment' and highlight it as part of the sex industry. It argues that lapdancing is exploitative and a 'far cry' from the glamourisation accorded to it in recent years.

The report covers: definition, origin and growth of lapdancing; numbers of establishments in the UK; numbers of dancers and customers; recruitment methods; advertising; dancers' employment and working conditions; licensing laws; impact in the community; links to prostitution, drugs and other crime. Methods used included literature reviews, visits to clubs, interviews and internet research.

It is easily accessible and readable, from the almost conversational foreword by Jim Coleman of Glasgow City Council to the numbered paragraphs and clear headlines throughout.


Julie Bindel - Lap-Dancing in Glasgow - 2004.pdf
Added: February 5, 2015
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