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Men Can Stop Rape Strength Campaign

Men Can Stop Rape's Strength Campaign embraces men as vital allies in the work to end men's violence against women and helps young men make healthy choices and foster safe, equitable relationships.

The campaign includes direct work in communities with young men through the Men of Strength (MOST) Club, public education messaging using a wide range of media such as adverts on bus-shelters and billboards and in cinemas, and training for a wide range of agencies and organisations working with young men.

MCSR can provide a range of free educational resources such as handouts and comic strips and they also sell a wide range of posters, banners and postcards from the 'My strength is not for hurting' campaigns, featuring campaign messages such as "My strength is not for hurting. So when she said no, I said OK" and 'My strength is not for hurting. So when I was drunk, I backed off."







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