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Justice Campaign

The Zero Tolerance Justice Campaign aimed to raise awareness about the Justice System's failure to deliver equality and justice to women and children.

Our iconic poster campaigns remain popular and a limited selection are still available – contact us for details or you can see them and buy them from our online shop.
Six kids, one rapist, same old storyJust as the responsibility for women's safety is often placed with women themselves, the onus of prosecution is too often placed on the shoulders of women and children. The Criminal Justice System in Scotland and many other countries continues to fail women and children by not giving sufficient importance to crimes of violence against them.
The Zero Tolerance Justice Campaign did not call for legislative change but aimed to raise awareness about the Justice System's failure to deliver equality and justice to women and children, and to set a framework within which local organisations and campaign groups can bring forward specific demands.
The campaign was again phased and involved a combination of both bus and poster advertising. The first phase focused on the issue of rape and sexual assault with a slogan which reflected the reality for 90% of men prosecuted for rape in Scotland:
  • Too many rape cases end with the same sentence. You're free to go.
  • Her boss raped her at knifepoint. In court she was asked if she found him attractive.
The posters aimed to demonstrate the reality for women in court.
Children are often not seen as being reliable witnesses, resulting in few cases involving children ever reaching the criminal justice process. The bus slogan reflected this:
  • How many kids does it take to convict a rapist?  None. It probably won't get to court.
another poster featured a range of children:
  • Six kids, one rapist, same old story. "Insufficient evidence."

The third and final phase focuses on domestic violence although the slogan used could equally apply to other forms of woman and child abuse:

  • No Witness, No Crime, No Action, No Justice

The final poster sums up the net result of the way crimes of violence are viewed and dealt with in Scotland:

  • End The Male protection racket



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