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Inappropriate Behaviour: Adult venues and licensing in London

This is a lengthy and detailed report (109 pages) which investigates lapdancing and its licensing process in London. Among other things, it usefully contains: reputable facts and figures, quotations from lapdancers, an extensive list of references and useful appendices including a template letter to send to your MP to object to a lapdancing venue opening in your area. It also contains examples of codes of conduct used by lapdancing venues.

The report argues that lapdancing is a form of violence against women and a breach of women's human rights. It presents evidence which details lapdancers' experiences of harrasment and violence at work, as well as increased rape in areas where lapdancing clubs are present and evidence which expresses some women's fear of travelling in such areas.

The report is based upon primary data collated from telephone interviews with each Licensing Authority, licence applications and Crime and Disorder Reduction Policies drawn from each borough. Other data was collated through online directories of clubs and lapdancing events. To preserve the ethical integrity of the report, any queries conducted and data resulting from telephone interviews and personal correspondence is presented anonymously.

Secondary data was collected using Internet-based information searching methods, via newspaper reports, previous research and Lexis Nexis (an internetbased of press articles). Full references are available in the References section at the end of the report.

Added: February 5, 2015
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