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Healthy Youth Centre Pilot Project Evaluation Report 2010-2012


In 2009 the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) and NHS K&C jointly identified the potential for youth centres to provide a setting to improve health among young residents of the Borough. The Healthy Youth Centre pilot was introduced in 2010 to promote health and well‐being to young people in order to educate, empower and support them into making future healthy decisions for themselves.

Part time youth workers were employed at each of four pilot sites to ensure effective implementation of the project, led by a Healthy Youth Centre Co‐ordinator (HYCC) who provided line and performance management. The project was supported by a steering group which included senior youth centre staff and Primary Care Trust (PCT) representation. An operational group comprising the HYCC and the Leads was established to co‐ordinate all related work.

Evaluation approach

The pilot evaluation took place over an 18 month period and utilised a mix of quantitative and qualitative methodologies in order to fully address the process and impact of the pilot.

The evaluation contained a range of different qualitative components. Interviews and focus groups were conducted involving a range of key stakeholders including NHS and Local Authority partners, youth centre staff and young people themselves. In addition, the Criteria and Audit Tool (Toolkit) was extensively used by the evaluators to track progress of the initiative.

A survey was conducted among young people attending the pilot sites at the beginning and towards the end of the pilot with the intention of assessing impacti of the intervention on young people’s awareness of health issues, theirinformation‐seeking behaviours and various lifestyle factors.

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