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Exploring the Scale and Nature of Child Sexual Exploitation in Scotland

The study had three aims: to review existing research, policy and practice literature from the UK regarding the scale and nature of child sexual exploitation, and trafficking for sexual exploitation, focusing on Scotland; to review key Scottish statistics regarding the scale and nature of child sexual exploitation in Scotland; and to gather preliminary and exploratory information from key professionals regarding their perceptions of the scale and nature of child sexual exploitation in Scotland.

Establishing the prevalence of sexual exploitation is very difficult. The problem is not visible, and its existence is difficult to uncover. Specific problems include: growing but still limited awareness of the issue; differences in the ways in which the issue is defined by young people, parents and carers and professionals; and differences in the way in which policy and practice is developed at local level.

UK studies of child sexual exploitation have highlighted a number of difficulties associated with establishing prevalence, including different levels of awareness resulting in varying expertise in identifying the issue and a lack of local scoping exercises. The research evidence indicates vulnerability across a range of deprived groups, including those excluded from school, those looked after and those who are delinquent or gang-involved.


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