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Zero Tolerance Briefings

Zero Tolerance have produced a series of briefings which aim to highlight the key research and resources on particular VAW issues available to download.

Primary PreventionDownload the primary prevention briefing [pdf]
What is primary prevention? How does it differ from secondary and tertiary prevention? Find out in this short briefing paper, which outlines recent preventative strategies undertaken in Scotland.


Media Download the Media Briefing [pdf]
How are women represented in the Media and what is its impact on gender equality? This briefing outlines a range research and resources which address issues surrounding Media influence and gender inequality.


Commercial Sexual ExploitationDownload the Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Briefing [pdf]
What is Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and how does it affect society? This briefing paper highlights key research and brings together useful resources for raising awareness of CSE, aimed at both adults and young people.


Sexualisation of young people in the mediaDownload the Sexualisation of young people in the media Briefing. [pdf]
What has highly sexualised youth culture done to the idea of childhood? Are young people being robbed of their childhood?





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