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Money and Power: Commercial Sexual Exploitation DVD & Resource

With the Women’s Support Project 

Commercial Sexual Exploitation includes prostitution, trafficking, pornography, ‘adult entertainment’ such as lapdancing and stripping, ‘mail order’ brides and many other variations. It means making a human being, usually a woman or a child, available for the sexual gratification of another, for profit. Although the sex industry is often glamorised in popular culture, the reality for most women is coercion, violence, poverty and a range of problems from drug abuse to post traumatic stress.

The sex industry also contributes to a culture in which all women and girls are seen as objects for men’s sexual use, and their value is judged on their ability to be sexually attractive. Men, on the other hand, are stereotyped as aggressive sexual predators, and experience pressure to live up to this image. All relations between men and women are damaged by this.

We believe that sexual relations should be based on full and free consent, mutual desire and respect. We believe this is what most women and men want too.

Created in partnership with the Women’s Support Project, the CSE Resource Pack is a comprehensive tool for learning more about the sex industry and challenging the normalisation of sexual exploitation. The first DVD (shown above) is a short introduction to CSE in Scotland – future instalments are planned and will focus on specific aspects of the sex industry. You can view the film above and download the resource pack below, or contact us for a free hard copy.

What you can do

Order your free copy

We have 1000 free copies of the film on DVD to distribute to individuals and agencies who will make use of it in training, education and awareness raising work. Email info@zerotolerance.org.uk to order your copy (please include your postal address and how you will use the resource).

Use it!

Please make use of it to challenge CSE in your local area - why not organise a screening at your local cinema, show it to colleagues, use it as an introduction to a presentation, screen it at a conference, use it in training sessions on VAW....

Tell us what you think:

We would really welcome your feedback on the DVD so that we can feed ideas into future chapters. Email info@zerotolerance.org.uk with any comments.

Watch the follow-up

Take a look at Pleasure vs. Profit, a new film and resource which looks at how the pornography industry is harming young people in Scotland.

Pack 1 - Money & Power DVD Pack_0.pdf
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Pack 2 - Money & Power supporting materials_0.pdf
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Pack 3 - CSE Scotland_0.pdf
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