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Zero Tolerance Consultation Response on the Licensing of Sexual Entertainment Venues

In 2013, the Scottish Government invited public consultation regarding the regulation of Sexual Entertainment Venues (SEVs). The proposed new licensing scheme would require SEVs to apply for a separate SEV specific license, rather than simply having a ‘Code of conduct on dance entertainment’ or similar appended to their alcohol licence. Following the consultation, the new licensing regime fell within the Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Bill which was introduced in the Parliament in May 2014.

In our view the Bill could go much further to address harms to the women who work in SEVs, women in general, children and local communities. In some cases the Bill suggests actively harmful practices such as allowing under-18s to enter and work in SEV premises when no sexual entertainment is taking place. There is no requirement for any local authority to adopt a licensing policy on SEVs.

In response to this Bill, Zero Tolerance are resubmitting our original response to the 2013 consultation on the Regulation of SEVs because 1) the majority of the points we (and many others) made at that time do not appear to have been addressed in the current Bill and 2) new clauses added since consultation have raised new concerns.

The consultation comes to end this Monday 29th September.

For information on how to respond, please visit: http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/parliamentarybusiness/CurrentCommittee...

If you would like to respond, please feel free to use and adapt our summary and/or full response attached below (and let us know if you do).

ZT submission to SG re SEV consultation Sept 2014.pdf
Added: September 24, 2014
219.32 KB
Summary of ZT Submission SEV Sept 2014.doc.pdf
Added: September 24, 2014
104.18 KB



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