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Murder and Violence against Intimate Partners: Evidence from the ‘Murder in Britain’ Study

Early findings from a unique study into lethal and non-lethal violence are now revealed on film by world-leading experts  Professor Rebecca Dobash and Professor Russell Dobash, Visiting Professors at Strathclyde University Law School’s Centre for Law, Crime and Justice.

Despite media reporting concentrating on ‘stranger danger’, most murder and violence is committed by someone known to the victim. This is especially likely when women are killed: most women who are murdered are killed by an intimate partner or ex-partner.

What can be done to address the disturbingly widespread levels of intimate partner violence and murder? To do so effectively we need to understand the patterns, dynamics and triggers of the violence. And this is what the new and in-depth ‘Murder in Britain’ study uncovers.

The study, which will be published next year, uses a range of statistical, documentary and interview (including perpetrators) techniques to provide one of the most in-depth analyses of the use lethal and non-lethal violence ever to be conducted.”

In the video lecture, Professors Dobash and Dobash deal with key questions issues:

  • Are perpetrators individuals with relatively distinct characteristics?
  • Are those with significant criminal history more likely to commit intimate partner violence and murder?
  • What is the influence of familial and childhood factors?
  • And what roles do attitudes to the use of force and gender play?

Profs Dobash and Dobash have recently been appointed as Visiting Professors at Strathclyde University Law School’s Centre for Law, Crime and Justice and teach on the new LLM/MSc in Criminal Justice and Penal Change

To view the video click www.strath.ac.uk/clcj/events/previousevents/




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