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Courageous Conversations: Dr Evan Stark

University of Stirling

The idea of courageous conversations is to provide a space for people within the wider child protection community to express and present their views in a safe atmosphere of debate and discussion.

Child Protection is a very fast paced and stressful area of work. We know much of our system works very well in protecting children and we are constantly striving for improvement. In WithScotland we see the commitment and energy of many people working in this area of work and are also aware of many diverse views and ideas. We can be defensive in our practice because we feel under pressure and unable to find the space to discuss more radical aspects or ideas with people from different partnerships and areas of interest.

With this in mind we would like to invite you to listen to and share your insights with Dr Evan Stark as he considers: "The Battered Mother's Dilemma: Reframing Child Maltreatment in the Context of Coercive Control."

Evan will:

  • Show why it is essential to look beyond violence when assessing the effects of partner abuse.
  • Outline the dynamics of coercive control, particularly in situations where children are used as ‘pawns.’
  • Provide an overview of what is known about how exposure harms children.
  • Explore the tensions women and children face when they have to negotiate the contradictions between how the criminal court, family court and child protection handle cases.
  • Examine the implications of adapting a coercive control framework for improving organizational and staff capacity to work with non offending parents, fathers and children in cases involving partner abuse.

The seminar will be facilitated by WithScotland's National Child Protection Coordinator, Catriona Laird.

Places are limited so please book early by emailing Annette Webb or calling 01786 466434.




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