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Just Like a Child Guide Launched

Yesterday, 23rd of May 2013, alongside staff at Forbes Nursery in Edinburgh Zero Tolerance launched ‘Just Like a Child’, a new guide to challenging gender stereotyping in the early years.

The guide is aimed at nursery and other childcare workers, and contains information about how they can play their part in preventing violence against women through questioning what it means to be a boy or girl from the earliest years of life.

From the moment children are born they are told that boys must be strong and tough, and girls are delicate and pretty. These stereotypes have real and lasting consequences. The fact that as a society we tell boys not to express their emotions, and girls that they are not suited to science and maths sets children on a path to inequality; this inequality lays the foundations for abuse and violence in later life. Zero Tolerance believes that challenging stereotypes from a very young age, helps to protect children from the negative consequences of inequality and discrimination as they grow into adults.

Kirsty Simpson manager at Forbes nursery said “We are delighted to support this project, at Forbes nursery we want children to be able to express themselves fully, and not be limited by dated stereotypes”.

Liz Ely, a development officer at Zero Tolerance said “Without gender equality, we will never end violence against women. Putting an end to the sort of harmful stereotypes which surround our children is a vital step toward achieving gender equality”.

The guide is available in print and online at http://www.zerotolerance.org.uk/node/237. 

For more information contact Liz on 0131 248 2405 or 07523289554 or liz.ely@zerotolerance.org.uk.




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