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Scottish Women’s Aid Annual Conference - Domestic Abuse Stops…

Domestic Abuse Stops…

February 5th 2013, 10:00 - 15:45
Hilton Edinburgh Grosvenor, Grosvenor St, Edinburgh EH12 5EF

This conference will highlight the emotional, physical, social, material and political impacts of domestic abuse on individuals and communities, outlining the challenges of truly engaging effectively with the issues.


Professor Rachel Pain will draw on her research Everyday Terrorism: Domestic Violence and the Politics of Fear 2011-2012 to outline how safety is seriously undermined by domestic abuse.  Drawing on survivors’ stories she will provide a critical exploration of the role of fear in domestic abuse and highlight how an understanding of domestic abuse as everyday terrorism provides insights into working more effectively with those affected.

Chief Constable of the Police Service of Scotland Stephen House will focus on the implications of the new single force for the police response to domestic abuse in Scotland. He will highlight some of the strengths in current police practice but also any proposed changes or developments in the policing of domestic abuse and how those might improve the safety of women, children and young people who experience domestic abuse.

In the afternoon, the need to place survivors’ voices at the centre of our response continues. The Scottish Government’s Gender-Based Violence Programme’s Manager, Katie Cosgrove,  will look how domestic abuse impacts on women’s health and well-being and will highlight work being undertaken in Scotland to ameliorate the health impacts of domestic abuse.

Heather Coady, Children’s Policy worker at Scottish Women’s Aid whose remit includes overseeing the implementation of the CEDAR programme, will highlight how domestic abuse stops women, children and young people engaging with opportunities.   She will explain the evidence base for the strengths-based approach and how it can help rebuild relationships between mothers and their children thus encouraging and helping enable them to live life more fully.

Morning and afternoon speakers will be followed by facilitated workshops where delegates will be encouraged to reflect on the themes and issues raised by speakers and their implications for effective practitioner responses to those affected by domestic abuse.

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