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Report unveils the extent of child trafficking in Scotland.

Scottish police have been criticised for lack of action over child trafficking.

Scotland: A safe place for child traffickers? report illustration

According to the new report Scotland: A safe place for child traffickers? at least 80 children have been trafficked to Scotland to face sexual exploitation and other forms of abuse including forced labour, benefit fraud and domestic servitude.

The report criticises both the police for failing to make a single conviction for trafficking and the authorities for lack of provision given to young victims and their specific needs.

Speaking to the Guardian earlier this week, Professor Rebecca Wallace, who contributed to the report, stated that the findings address a previous lack of evidence base regarding child trafficking in Scotland. She also stated that the study was an opportunity to "harness the very evident willingness of professionals encountered during the research to improve the identification and treatment of children trafficked into and within Scotland".

The report can be downloaded in full from the VAW prevention network website.





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