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Press release: Women’s organisations call on First Minister to challenge misogyny in international work

Women’s organisations call on First Minister to challenge misogyny in international work

On Friday, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as president of the USA. This is a man with abuse allegations linked to his name, who won the leadership race with a misogynistic and racist campaign and whose presidency threatens to dismantle the progress made towards protecting women from men’s violence.

Scotland has much to be proud of in its pioneering work preventing men’s violence against women and we are pleased that Nicola Sturgeon has already demonstrated a strong commitment to advancing gender equality. The insidious nature of male power is a topic of discussion now more than ever and we urge the First Minister to continue opposing the way women are disadvantaged physically, socially and economically so that Scotland can continue to act as a leader of good practice towards gender equality.

We call on Nicola Sturgeon to keep this at the forefront of her international work, and we implore her to use her influence where possible to challenge misogyny, racism and regressive policy.

Liz Ely, co-director of Zero Tolerance, said, “As Zero Tolerance reaches its twenty fifth year of working to prevent men’s violence against women, we reflect on how far we have come and, sadly, how far we still have to go. Twenty-five years ago, we campaigned against the idea that violence against women is ever acceptable with posters which proclaimed that ‘Male abuse of power is a crime’. On Trump’s inauguration day, we remember that campaign and say that ‘No man has the right’.”

Signed by

Zero Tolerance

Women 5050

Everyday Victim Blaming

Amina, the Muslim Women’s Resource Centre

Women for Independence




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