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Good practice of promoting gender equality in the early years needed

It's never too early to question what is seen as ‘normal’ or what is traditionally expected of boys and girls in our society. Learning that everyone is equal at a young age helps to protect children from the negative consequences of inequality and discrimination as they grow into adults and is absolutely crucial to our efforts to end violence against women

That is why we are working with the Care Inspectorate, in collaboration with Early Years Forum, Children in Scotland, Play Scotland, Education Scotland and NHS Glasgow Health Improvement Team to produce a new resource which promotes gender equality in early learning and childcare. The resource aims to improve practice surrounding gender equal play/activities, interaction and environments and contribute to better outcomes for children in ELC settings in respect of gender equality and tackling stereotypes.The main target audience is childcare practitioners, although the resource will be relevant to all professionals and organisations across the ELC sector. The resource will include links and references to practical resources available, such as children’s books, toys and activities, training and further reading.

If you work in the early years sector and have some good practice examples of how you have promoted gender equality in your work, we would like to hear from you! Please get in touch with Jo Zawadzka on jo.zawadzka@zerotolerance.org.uk to find out how you can contribute. 




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