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Zero Tolerance: Respect Education Initiative update

Respect education initiative, which you may be aware of, is a worthwhile, age-appropriate and well-evaluated resource for teaching children and young peopleabout gender inequality, power and control, and violence in relationships. It’s currently used in 34 local authorities and organisations across the United Kingdom.

Respect is currently being updated making it fit for the Curriculum for Excellence, as well as for changes in the sector. Both a new pack (full price) and an add-on pack (significantly cheaper) for those who own the current version will be available Spring 2011. Work on the new phase of Respect is underway and but it's not too late to be part of it…

  • An anonymous users survey has been produced and your input would aid the redevelopment. The survey will be accessible from Friday 5 to Tuesday 30 November at VAW Prevention site and the Respect blog.
  • If you currently use Respect, have purchased Respect yet never used it (and want to), or would simply would like more information, I would love to hear from you.
  • Or if you could lend your skills and knowledge to be part of this new phase of Respect ensuring that a relevant, learner centered resource which reflects emerging issues is developed

Look out for great deals on the current resources during the 16 days of Action…

Please contact, Louise Riddell, Respect Development Worker at Zero Tolerance, email louise.riddell@zerotolerance.org.uk or call on 0131 624 8958. Respect is on Twitter @respectscotland, and blogging currently at http://respecteducation.blogspot.com/




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