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You may find these links useful as a resource to find out more about men's violence against women, its causes and consequences and how organisations and campaigns are activley tackling violence against women.


Engender works to make Scotland a fairer, safer place where women can flourish and contribute to both the social and market economies with dignity, freedom and justice.

White Ribbon Scotland

The White Ribbon Scotland campaign is for men in Scotland who want to end violence against women. We are part of a global campaign of men and boys committed to taking action to stop violence against women.

Rape Crisis Scotland

Rape Crisis Scotland provides a national rape crisis helpline for anyone affected by sexual violence, no matter when or how it happened.

Scottish Women’s Aid

Scottish Women's Aid is the lead organisation in Scotland working towards the prevention of domestic abuse. We play a vital role campaigning and lobbying for effective responses to domestic abuse.

Women’s Support Project

The Women’s Support Project is a feminist voluntary organisation, recognised as a Scottish Charity. The Project works to raise awareness of the extent, causes and effect of male violence against women, and for improved services for those affected by violence.

Violence Against Women Prevention Scotland

Violence Against Women Prevention Scotland brings together individuals and organisations from across Scotland to share expertise, information and good practice.

Cross Party Group of the Scottish Parliament

Cross Party Group of the Scottish Parliament: Men's Violence against Women and Children. The purpose of the group is to establish a forum for debate on the issue of men's violence against women and children. It is intended that the remit be broad enough to include the issues of rape, domestic violence, physical and emotional and sexual abuse.

White Ribbon Campaign

The White Ribbon Campaign (WRC) is the UK branch of the global campaign to ensure men take more responsibility for reducing the level of violence against women. 

The Porcupine Campaign

The Porcupine Campaign is made up of a group of young people who attempt to give real honest information about the porn industry.

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