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A Living Rent is part and parcel of violence against women prevention

A group of Living Rent protesters with a variety of Living Rent banners

At Zero Tolerance we recognise that prevention of men’s violence against women is a task with many facets. Gender inequality, the cause and consequence of men’s violence against women, reaches into every aspect of women’s lives – including the places that we live.The provision of affordable, secure housing is fundamental to violence against women prevention, which is why we have recently affiliated to the Living Rent Campaign.

The current high costs of housing and instability inherent in private rented housing is an impediment to ending violence against women. The current housing benefit system leaves women vulnerable to financial abuse, and creates a barrier to women leaving abusive relationships. Homelessness is one of the primary risk factors for commercial sexual exploitation; this problem is exacerbated by high rents, insecure tenancies and a lack of affordable housing.

The Living Rent Campaign is currently campaigning for rent controls and secure tenancies by responding to the current Scottish Government consultation on a new tenancy for the private rented sector. We would encourage you to add your names to their response and support the campaign at www.livingrent.org/support-the-campaign.




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