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Zero Tolerance is a charity working to tackle the causes of men’s violence against women. Too many women in Scotland, and around the world, experience violence from men – most often men they are close to and/or who are in a position of power over them. Men’s violence against women is caused by gender inequality, and it helps this inequality to continue. We believe it doesn’t have to be this way. We work with individuals, communities, women’s and men’s organisations, schools, the media and others to address the causes of violence against women, and bring about change.

Want to find out more about Primary Prevention? Zero Tolerance have produced a primary prevention briefing paper on recent preventative strategies undertaken in Scotland.

Links: Find out about organisations and campaigns dedicated to tackling the causes of violence against women.

Violence against women takes many forms, including:

‘adult entertainment’

  • Includes lap dancing, table dancing and stripping.
  • One study of lap dancers found that all had been verbally, physically and sexually assaulted while at work1
  • In the three years after four lap-dancing clubs were opened in Camden incidents of rape reported by local women increased by 33%2
  • Read Jenifer’s story; a real life account of life in the sex industry.
  • Further information – Object

child sexual abuse

  • 16% of children in the UK aged under 16 experienced sexual abuse during childhood3
  • Although each case is different, there are strong links to other forms of abuse in later life such as domestic violence and prostitution
  • Further information – Survivor Scotland

domestic abuse

  • Domestic abuse is mental, physical and/or sexual abuse by a partner or ex-partner
  • One in five women in Scotland experiences domestic abuse at some stage in her life4
  • Further information - Scottish Women’s Aid

female genital mutilation

  • refers to the partial or full removal or modification of the female genitalia
  • Aims to control female sexuality
  • It is estimated that around 65,000 women in the UK have undergone some form of FGM5
  • More information – DARF
  • More information: FGM briefing

forced marriage

  • A forced marriage is one where one or both parties are coerced into a marriage against their will and under duress. It is different from an arranged marriage, to which both partners give full, free consent.
  • Forced marriage was made a criminal offence in Scotland in 2010.
  • Further information - Scottish Government


  • 89% of scenes in the most popular pornographic videos in the US contained either verbal or physical aggression. 94% was directed at women6
  • 58% of UK 12-15 year olds surveyed had viewed pornography online7


  • Most women in prostitution entered through lack of choice - 90% would like to exit if they could8
  • An international study of nearly 1000 women in prostitution found that 63% had been raped9
  • Further information – End Prostitution Now

rape and sexual assault

  • Worldwide, almost one in four women will experience sexual violence in their lifetime10
  • Of reported rapes in Scotland, less than 4% lead to a conviction.
  • Further information - Rape Crisis Scotland

sex trafficking

  • A 2006 UNICEF report suggested that there were 5000 child sex workers in the UK, most of them trafficked.
  • Prostitution and the trafficking of women is the third largest black market industry globally11
  • More information – Amnesty UK

Most victims of these forms of violence are women, and most people who commit the violence are men. All of these forms of violence are interconnected and have the same root causes.

Ending men's violence against women and children is everyone's responsibility. There are many things you can do to help us make it happen.

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